This should give you some idea of Joel's body of work over the years. I must apologize for the quality on several of these...some of my videotapes are nth-generation.

Stand-up era

Joel all smiles on Letterman

Joel with Danny O'Danny

Looking to the right

Joel and David Letterman

Teasing that coiff of his

"By day, an ordinary comic magician..."

Joel next to big prop TV

Joel peeking out of "Time Machine"

Joel the Lizard King

Looking Chaplin-esque

Joel with glasses

Joel doing stand up and looking German Expressionistic

Joel with microphone

Joel with his bumper stickers

MST3K era

The Godzilla Geneaology Bop

Modeling Don Martin's Doc Martens

"Trading is easy once you...know the secret."

Joel reading a book to bots

The "Star Trek" ep on MST3K

Its Joey the Lemur!

Joel and bots over table

Joel and Crow in suits

Looking somber on SOL

A skyward glance

On floor, looking up

Joel packing heat on SOL

Joel acting goofy with model city

X-Box era

Profile on set of X-Box

Joel on X-Box 2

Joel likes the monkey puppet

Joel explaining something

Joel comes back to MST3K

Joel's return to the SOL

Joel's return to the SOL 2

Joel and Mike on SOL

Joel as burnout shopclerk on "Freaks and Geeks"

Tossing gold chains

Gold chains 2

And a three...

McCartney-esque, wouldn't you say?

Where'd they unearth those clothes?

He's not half-bad, though, for an 80's refugee.

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