Joel in general

Wisconsin Film Office
A brief listing for Wisconsin's native son.

Online interviews with Joel

The Onion interview w/Joel
Like you need an excuse to read The Onion anyway.

20 Questions only Joel can answer about MST3K 
(from the Satellite News website) 
Quite colorful MST3K-oriented interview.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast: "$20.01" episode
God I love this show. You can read a transcript of the episode or watch a clip.

Sites that deal with Joel's work outside MST3K

A new multimedia CD-ROM game that is currently in production and stars a large number of MST3K alums: Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Mary Jo Pehl, Josh Weinstein and Beez McKeever!

A brief description of Statical Planets
The film currently in limbo.

The TV Wheel
Some pictures and reflections of a crew member who worked on TV Wheel. 

Robot Wars - 1996
This is a picture of Joel with a fan taken at Robot Wars in 1996 (Joel and Jim Hodgson were the production supervisors)

Chuck Goodenough - Photography
A professional lucky enough to rub elbows with the Hodgsons. Some photos of the "X-Box" studio space. Scroll down to the bottom to see some neat photos of Joel and Jim!

Laurel Canyon Stages Photo Album
Seems to be a collection of photos from a studio space. 3 or so pages featuring Visual Story Tools

Josh Book - Animation and Design
This site belongs to animator and designer Josh Book, who not only helped design the Hodgsons' old website, but has worked with them on a variety of projects. On the popup page (under 3D Animation), you will find brief clips of 4 of those projects - Pet Cassette, Eels, Gorillas and Dust Mites. You will need Real Player to view these.

Allison MacLeod's website
This is the website of singer Allison MacLeod (wife of MST3K alum Josh Weinstein) to support her newest album. If you click on "Album Credits", you'll notice that Joel and Jim's company (Story Tool) is credited with Cover Design.

Ronn Lucas' website
This page features a prop that Joel designed for comedian Ronn Lucas.

MST3K-related sites

Satellite News
The source for MST3K info.

MST3K Information Club Order Form
Buy Joel-era merchandise from the Info Club!
Joel mug--#7B--$15.00   Joel poster--#1F--$6.00.
But send them an email first to make sure they're still in stock. (By the way, I'm not making a dime, folks, just pointing you in the general direction)

Personal sites

Nothing is a better psychological profile than a list of somebody's favorite links. While you're waiting for Joel's Next Big Thing, feel free to poke around in our heads.

Tracy's faves

More disturbing than "Meet the Feebles." 18 and over, please.

Red Meat
Max Cannon is a postmodern/pre-apocalypse genius.

Survival Research Labs
They're big, they're lethal, and they're performance art....I think.

TV Party
TV Party Tonight! We've got nothing better to do than watch TV and have a couple of brews!

Dannielle's faves

The Legendary Bobby Darin website
Visit this wonderful, incredibly detailed tribute to the man who was one of the most talented, dynamic, exciting and influential performers of the last 50 years.