From: (jenkins lisa)

Date: Fri, 22 May 92 11:04:47 CDT

Subject: those darn articles, again!

From: USA Today

Date: May 31, 1991

Headline: Wired for Weirdness on Cable

Subline: TV Preview

Author: Roush, Matt

Page(s): [unknown]


First up is "Mystery Science Theater 3000" (***), a wry snicker-doodle with a cult following on Comedy Central. New episodes begin Saturday (noon and 7 p.m. EDT/PDT).

The concept is a goof: Joel Hodgson as a perpetually tousled, sleepy-eyed guy sent into space by mad scientists who make him watch B-movie dregs with his Tinkertoy pals. We watch Joel and gang watch the lousy flicks, catcalling, mocking, adding silly dialogue and grunting sound effects.

Saturday's movie is the unwatchable "Cave Dwellers", staring faux- Schwarzenegger Miles O'Keeffe [sic]. This prehistoric snoozer inspires the captive audience to launch into a "2001: A Space Odyssey" whirl: "Hey, there's a monolith outside! Yeah, everybody's evolving and stuff, it's really neat."

At two hours, it's too much of a silly giggle, but remains the hippest wayto cook a turkey.