From: (jenkins lisa)

Date: Fri, 22 May 92 11:04:47 CDT

Subject: those darn articles, again!

From: Rolling Stone

Date: January 24, 1991

Headline: Comic Enterprise

Photo(s): Joel Hodgson with robot friends [l-r Gypsy, Crow, Joel, Servo]

Author: [unknown]

Page(s): [unknown]


When the comedy channels go up in smoke, there's one show among the embers that's worth saving. Joel Hodgson's low-budget "Mystery Science Theater 3000", which airs weekly on HBO's Comedy Channel, is *actually* funny. It's based on the premise that Hodgson and two robot friends are forced to watch cheesy movies as part of an experiment. Silhouetted in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, this peanut gallery keeps up a stream of wry comments throughout the mostly awful films. "Jackets from the Sonny Bono collection," utters Hodgson during a funeral sequence in the biker flick "The Hellcats".

"We still haven't figured out why the show works," says Hodgson, who began his career goofing on "The Love Boat" for his fellow students. "But the nice thing is, Hollywood makes bad movies every day, so we'll never run out of material."