Movies from Outer Space
Mademoiselle - February 1992

A 'Mystery' Made for Mail Order
Entertainment Weekly - February 1992

Tom Servo Explains it All
San Francisco Chronicle - February 3, 1992

MST Article
The UCSD Guardian - February 6, 1992

The Art of Heckling: "Bad print, bad sound, bad for you."
Pulse! - March 1992

Out of This World
Satellite Orbit - March 1992

'MST 3000's' Spacey
Satellite TV - March 22-28, 1992
These days, the only contact {MST3K} has with Hollywood...is responses from the actors in the films they dissect...But Hodgson says, "A lot of people are dead now so we don't get a lot of calls."

Big Fans on Campus
TV Guide - April 18, 1992

Fun With Bad Flick
Springfield News-Leader - June 4, 1992

Defying Gravity
The Washington Post - June 5, 1992

Picks & Pans
People Weekly - June 8, 1992

MST 3-K Twists Old Flicks Into Wild Glee
Chicago Sun Times - Thursday, June 11, 1992
Not a bad article, despite Lon's persistence in misspelling "MST3K" What a grammatical facial tic.

Comedy: Down to Earth
Skyway News - July 7, 1992

Live Action Wacky Rolling Figures!
City Pages - July 8, 1992
Pretty good, especially the part about the Crow love doll.

"Mystery Science Theater 3000": Goofs in the Machine
Twin Cities Reader - July 8, 1992
Conniff deadpans that after enjoying the cult-like success of MST 3000, he'll have "a pathetic career like those guys from "Star Trek"-...and jokes that the show is "a stepping stone to sci-fi conventions."

The Mystery Science show touching down at the Uptown
Star Tribune - July 10, 1992

Cable Ready
Premiere - November 1992

Critic's Choice
USA Today - November 25, 1992

Campus Voice - December 1992
"Kevin: It's really strange. Seems like the more pain we go through, the more people like it."

Look Who's Watching
Entertainment Weekly - December 4, 1992

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